Position Announcement – Executive Secretary

Position Announcement: Executive Secretary

The Missouri Forage and Grassland Council/Grazing Land Conservation Initiative

(MFGC/GLCI) is currently seeking applicants for the position of Executive Secretary.

The Executive Secretary is a part-time position which requires 20-35 hours per week. If

interested in the position or to request the full job description, please send a resume to

shanksb@lincolnu.edu. The position will close March 7, 2019 or until filled.


The MFGC/GLCI is a 501(c)3 organization which promotes and seeks to expand the

efficient utilization of forages. Other organizational objectives include:

1.  Promote the value of forage crops for soil and water conservation and the

abatement of air and water pollution.

2.  Give encouragement to research, educational and service efforts that will

improve forage production, utilization, and marketing.

3.  Provide a forum for the identification of problems and the exchange of ideas,

opportunities and solutions required for the complex business of forage

animal agriculture.

4.  Increase the use of forages and forage systems as a desirable and efficient

means of utilizing land resources for food and fiber production.

5.  Provide a means for combining the efforts of service, supply and production

functions for a more efficient and profitable forage animal agriculture.

6.  Provide a means to educate consumers on the benefits derived from an

efficient and profitable Forage animal agriculture.

7.  Encourage outstanding achievements in the forage industry through

recognition programs.

8.  Develop vigorous leadership in forage activities beneficial to Missouri


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